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What am I looking at exactly?

You have ended up on a website advertising silly sleep pals. Wait… what?!
Please do let us explain:

Silly Sleep is the brand name for a series of small, soft and flat stuffed animals that all have two things in common:

1. They are slightly silly looking
2. At least a part of their body (usually their belly) has been filled with dried lavender

Although they are best described as stuffed animals, the members of the Silly Sleep family are not designed as toys.* They are created with the purpose to help you fall asleep at night and improve the quality of that sleep. Loads of people have trouble falling asleep at night due to various reasons such as stress, anxiety or bodily discomforts. Our silly pals have been created to help you in this crucial moment in two ways:

1. They are deliberately soft and slightly silly looking, reminding you of all the nice fluffy pink rainbowy things in life that will always be there, come rain or sunshine. Their silliness and cuteness is designed with the objective to make you smile or at least feel at ease near them. Our Silly Sleep friends always smile and never judge: they’re only here to help. And who can say no to a cuddle with our little friend Iggy the hedgehog?!

2. The soothing fragrance of dried lavender emanates through their soft fabrics, encouraging your mind and body to relax. Lavender has been used for its calming effect since hundreds of years and has been acknowledged to “improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders.”

How did these jolly little fellows come into existence?

Silly Sleep has evolved from the belief that a good night’s sleep is a vital factor in staying in good physical and emotional health and enjoying a productive, balanced daily life. Combine this with a love for animals (who are preferably doing silly stuff – have you seen a gull doing the worm dance lately? Looked at a quokka selfie? Ever saw a kakapo making love to a camera man? Have tips for us for when we want to die of goofiness and/or cuteness?) and with a lot of fun, and there you go: meet team Silly Sleep!

* But please don’t let our intentions stop you from carrying your Silly Sleep pal with you everywhere you go, cuddling it to near death, drooling a bit on it (you might do that in your sleep anyway) and treating it to tea parties with your dolls!