Frequently asked questions

Why are you called SillySleep?

We love sleeping and silly things. This led us to designing these animals which are both silly and help you sleep. Hence: SillySleep.

How do I use the animals?

Place them under your pillow and go to sleep. The lavender fragrance will do it`s magic and you will have a better sleep.

How long does the lavender fragrance last?

The first SillySleep was born in 2014. He still smells as strong as ever, so at least 2 year and we`ll let you know when it gets less, we smell him every day.

Can I refill the animals?

Unfortunately not, we thought long about adding a zipper or something similar but decided against it to make sure the animals are as soft and comfy as possible.

Are the animals suitable for children?

Yes. All the products are created with only soft fabric and no buttons or hard pieces which could be swallowed. The lavender inside is not meant for consumption but is 100% harmless should a child ingest it.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course we do! Take care that we package our animals in a very special casing to ensure ultimate happiness at arrival. Hence the reason why the cost might be a little bit higher as expected. You won`t regret it though. We promise

What`s the meaning of life?

As Derren the Dachshund would say: bow wow wow bow bow wow. Take care with his wisdom.

I have a special request for a custom made animal, is this possible?

Everything is possible here at SillySleep. Contact us by the contact form and we`ll get in touch with you

My product didn`t meet the expectations, what should I do?

In case anything went wrong in the process of creating, packing or shipping your product went wrong, please use the contact form and we`ll make sure to solve your issue as soon as possible!

Are you still adding more animals to the store?

We travel the world in order to find the cutest animals. We don`t know when or where we`ll find the next one, it might be next week in the desert, or next month on the artic. But if you know a cool place to check out, let us know! The SillySleep family is always looking for new members!